Throwing a party? With djtxt you can set up a crowdsourced party playlist in one click.

Your party guests send in song requests by text message, and djtxt plays their tunes.
You'll see who added each song, and you can look at a recap of the playlist after the party.

Here's how to set up a djtxt playlist:

  1. Drag this bookmarklet up to your Bookmarks Toolbar: djtxt

  2. Visit Grooveshark and click on the bookmarklet to get started.
    Your screen should change to look like this:

    djtxt will queue up the first song to get you started.

  3. Pump up your volume and put your browser into fullscreen mode.
    Now you're partying with djtxt! Your guests can add songs like this:

  4. Still confused? Watch this screencast for a step-by-step walkthrough: